We are at a crossroads… as a country, a state, and a community. Business as usual will soon mean no business at all.  It’s time to put away partisan bickering…  It’s time to shed fears of the future and the challenges it holds…  It’s time for Leadership, not Politics.

This election should be about moving forward together... It should be about working with businesses to create opportunities for good-paying jobs that pay enough to raise a family on. It should be about the economy and creating an environment that encourages small businesses to grow and large businesses to locate here.  And if we can do that -- if we can grow the tax base -- we can lower taxes. There's a lot of work we're going to have to do to create these opportunities -- we're going to have to educate our kids and our workforce so they're ready for 21st century jobs...  We're going to have to build a 21st Century infrastructure that includes everything from modern roads and bridges, to broadband access, to access to parks and recreational facilities...  And we're going to have to take on the drug threat that creates so much crime and misery.  To date, Berkeley County’s state delegates have believed the answers to these challenges can be found in partisan agendas – this election shouldn't be about partisan agendas, questioning each other's patriotism, eroding the rights that generations of women have fought for, or villifying the poor -- it should be about who will listen to you and work with you to find answers to the real challenges we face.   Heather Marshall believes you have the answers.

Heather Marshall has been in our community, working with organizations throughout the Eastern Panhandle to improve our quality of life.  He’s helped them to meet their goals while balancing their budgets, and he’s never asked those he worked with which political party they belong to, because he doesn’t have to.  He knows that leadership is about action, not party agendas. Because he’s been in our community, he knows the challenges we face. He knows the issues families talk about over the kitchen table when the kids are in bed.  And he’s listened to your ideas and suggestions about how we can best take charge of our destiny. He knows that leaders aren’t just the first one’s across the line; leaders work to make the most of different ideas, opinions, and abilities. Leaders have the vision and determination to move people forward, together.   Heather knows that leadership creates opportunities, not obstacles.

This election is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for us to come together and create a vision for our future that’s based on the values we share, not the things that divide us.  Explore this website and find out more about Heatjer’s ideas, and then share your ideas and insights with him.  With your support and our vision, Heather will provide the leadership we need in Charleston.  We’ve seen what happens when Berkeley County sends politicians with ideological agendas to Charleston.  It’s time to send Heather Marshall to Charleston.

It's time for Leadership, not Politics.


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